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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eclipse - Adding your existing files as a project

Its been a while since I blogged ... and here it goes ...

In Eclipse, a direct drag and drop wont import all your files of an existing project. But you still want to use them to develop or just to examine the contents of the files. To do that .....

Step 1 : Choose your workspace as something which is the parent of the existing folder. For ex :

There is a folder A which has B and the B folder has C in it. cd A -> cd B -> cd C
If you want to import B, choose A as your workspace.

Step 2 : File -> New Project -> PHP Project ( in my case ) and then Name the project as B. Now, choose "Create a project at existing location".

Step 3 : Then add the required folders and you're done.

I currently am working on learning CodeIgniter - an Open Source PHP Framework and will post my learning experience here.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I believe ... in ME

There has to be a cause for whatever you do .. there has to be a reason for whatever you do .. and finally you need to know why you're doing what you actually are doing. Don't think I am out of my mind to post non sense on my blog :D. Just read on ...

People think different and the moment the phrase Think Different comes, it is Apple and Steve that I am reminded of. There are many ways to live in this world and there is always a way to earn money. A person, given enough freedom, backup and enough resources never does something that interests someone. He always does whatever he believes in. He does something that gives him the ultimate satisfaction. There are always people who never actually think and easily get influenced by others. People who are like that are bound to get affected someday because of all the advices that they get. A person who first bought the iPod was not a fool to spend so much on a gadget. Instead he was brave hearted and was ready to spend on something that he believed in would be the course of the world at a later point of time.

There are many cases where people just care for the money that they get and forget the satisfaction in doing something that they like. When you say "I want this .... " There is always someone who will ask "Why?" The answer for the Why should always be ready to get whatever you want. Similarly, while doing something, just ask yourself " Why am I doing this ?? " This simple question starting with Why can forever change the way you live.

Mass Market : The mass market needs a push from someone. That someone is the early adopter. This adopter is someone who is ready to take the risk of doing something at his own failure .. or SUCCESS. This adopter never thinks about some mediocre who is always there. He just thinks about himself and the world around him. There are not many people in the mass market who think and feel the same way. Then there is a majority market. This majority market has people who are always ready to do something cool.

For Example : When the the first Apple Computer (Apple I) released, geeks and hobbyists were the ones who bought it. They were cool enough in their own way. But then when someone from the majority market found out that these things were cool and also useful in some or the other way, he started to purchase them and the same spread around the majority market.

Then there are the lame people. These people actually dont want to change but will have to as they can no longer work well with the things / gadgets / devices that they already have. For Example : An electronic typewriter v/s a Desktop.

So, what I believe is .. One has to believe in the following to actually achieve success.

1. Never expect the result of something. Give in your best and expect the worst to happen, only then the fruit of success will be sweeter than ever.
For Example : If DOS was never a success, then learning to work with DOS would be a waste of time and IBM could never have come back. The investments in terms of time and resources that IBM put towards MS DOS was very huge in the 80s but that was a risk and IBM gave their best to automate their processes and they succeeded in that effort and that is the main reason why they are still in Business.

2. Success is something that comes to you. There is no path to success and there is no tips on achieving success. All the efforts that you put in ultimately end up giving you a success whether you want it or not. For Example : Reading this blogpost might not give you success, but if you put in your effort and implement what you actually read and understood, then that might give you success.

3. Talk to a variety of people. You might never actually know who can come in handy at any point of time.

4. Never actually think and then do something. Analyze and do something. That'll give you greater satisfaction .Frankly speaking, analysis of something will never take more than a few minutes. ( Provided you have enough knowledge ) Hence, when you get a gut feeling that this will happen when I do this ... Then, depending on the situation, go for whatever you think is right for you and others too. ( Think about others too, I am telling this because, someone who is not doing well in your group might affect the performance of someone who is doing well and is with you. This indirectly will affect your performance if you are not stable enough to handle things. )

5. Think different is what I believe in and encourage you to think over it.

6. Finally, do something because you believe in it ... because you want to ... and not because someone told you to.

And ....

Learn for yourself ... coz, Knowledge is the ultimate Power you can ever have.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Installation of ( and cloning of code using ) Mercurial and TortoiseHG on Ubuntu 11.10

Mercurial is a version control system and TortoiseHG is a tool to manage that. :) So, here are its installation steps in Ubuntu 11.10

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mercurial-ppa/releases
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tortoisehg-ppa/releases
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install mercurial
  • sudo apt-get install tortoisehg*
To copy or clone your bitbucket repo, type the following in the command line.

hg clone (folder_name)

folder_name is the place where you want the code to be saved :) Give in the required permissions and it'll be saved !!