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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Incomplete and a Very Long Time

Hello guys ... for those of you who read my blog .. I am sorry .. left many posts incomplete ( dont worry ... not the technical ones ) and ... haven't blogged in a very long time.

So here I am back .. Just wanna post about some of the things that I did this holidays and the 2-3 tech posts that always come along.

Don't worry this is personal post and not technical. 

So .. May 21st was our PPL ( Principles of Programming Languages ) Exam .. and boy , I was so excited to finish is off asap and dint even prepare properly but .. god knows how I sat there for 3 long hours without completing all 5 questions. That day, Harsha Rahul Madhu Umesh Naveen and me went to La ?? I forgot the name :D to chill out ..

After that, for the next 3 days I was awaiting my call for the internship that I had applied during exams ( but finally I dint get the call :D no worries ). In the mean time .. I started to get perfect with PHP and also I started my experiments on  Erlang ( which I later gave up !! Reasons listed below ).

Also, I almost forgot to mention that the first thing that I did in the holidays apart from installing and updating Ubuntu was to buy a Micormax Q5fb which seriously rockked !! The trackball feature ( similar to Blackberry ) is present in this phone which makes it even more interesting. The phone has a one touch facebook option but the facebook app is not too good .. the original site itself is much better than the app provided by Micromax.

So, moving on ... I have been quite interested in Content Management Systems and hence decided to build on with PHP these holidays. Working on that, I've learnt things that I will be posting in the technical posts.

Coming to the MeritTrac part of my holidays, I worked with HSBC and then conducted the NPCIL / BARC exam at Sri Sai Degree and PG College in DSNR. It was a nice experience and was my second PSU event but it went on very well.
After that was the Jipmer, followed by Accenture and ONGC in June.

All these days I've not coded many lines but acquired enough knowledge to start off and finish a small project properly. I also went to the GSoC meet which was organised by Manohar , a GSoC ( OpenMRS ) intern from KMIT. The meet was awesome and I interacted with a nice community over there.

Meanwhile coming back home .. I had some issues with the educational loan and hence had to go to college twice / thrice. During one such visit , I've talked to Madhubala mam for about an hour on technology, life and personal history.  She showed keen interest in what I was talking which made me very happy because of late, I never came across someone who shared the same ideas as me. Mam also advised me to write the Core Java Certification exam after preparing well.

As I thought before the start of the holidays, I wanted to go for the GATE coaching but, ultimately dropped that idea for some personal reasons and also gave a thought on it. I would be concentrating on my co-curricular and acads this year but would be writing the GATE exam after some self preparation. The next year I would take some coaching on that and then go for another attempt which can help me crack it ( atleast that is what I think ).

Moving on .. I my gave and is currently giving me so much trouble that, this was the major reason why I couldn't code properly these holidays. Though I dint think that the system would survive longer.. I just hoped it would cover my days at home .. which dint happen. Ultimately my option was to get a laptop which fortunately is a Dell Studio 15 which had MS Win 7 on that .. ( Not a problem coz the formatting had been done on the day it arrived :D ) I presently am writing this blog post on Ubunt u 10.04 x64 while downloading the Ubuntu Ultimate Edition after which Slackware and Frugalware will also be downloaded.

I suppose I've covered all the major things that I did these holidays, apart from going to chilkur with Kapil and co. and ..... starting my java classes which will go on for a month or two from now and ..... yeah I almost forgot ... I wrote a tip about the who command which got published in the LFY ( LinuxForYou ) Magazine. I also received a LFY T-shirt but it unfortunately is a very huge one ( XXL ) which will never fit me !!!

So thats it for now guys .. soon , will edit this post and complete it ( hopefully ) by July 13th. :) :) :)