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Thursday, November 4, 2010

svabhishek !!!

I dont know if its good to leave a footprint ... but my digital footprint ( or it that is what I call it ) is all over the internet.

When I was 13, I created a yahoo id which was skm_sva015 at The first three letters " skm " abbreviated my father's name Sistla Krishna Murthy, the next three after the _ abbreviated mine and the numbers " 015 " was the date of my b'day Jan 15th and since skm_sva15 was not available, i opted for the next best choice, skm_sva015 as suggested by yahoo.

Then , in 9th grade, just when gmail was introduced and everything could be processed only after getting an invite, my sister created my now official gmail id svabhishek @

After that, I had to join in 11th because of the pressure from friends and the people that they scrapped on orkut. I used my skm_sva015 id to join but soon forgot the password and had to shift in to gmail. Later due to issues, I created another gmail account and started using orkut from that. Then I removed orkut from my gmail id just to be safe. Then came the time for an official email id when I was to register myself on various linux forums and for techfests.

I was all confused as to which id to use. I finally decided to use my gmail id due to the following reasons.

1. My love for Google and its produts.
2. The high storage space offered by gmail ( was the highest at that time compared to Yahoo or HotMail )
3. The Labs in gmail and its features.
4. The simplicity and user friendliness.
5. Its integration with Mozilla ( I used mozilla a lot and its add-ons )
6. Fianlly, the name ( svabhishek ) was much better than skm_sva015.

So , I ultimately had to choose my gmail id as my official id and skm_sva015 for my personal use. But then, I realised that , whatever I did with the email was always official and never personal. So I ended up checking gmail on a daily basis and my yahoo on a quarterly basis ( once in every 3 months ).

But this dint end here, the forums that I registered were linked to each other and they integrated my gmail ID among themselves and gave me a username called " svabhishek " which I was very familiar with by then.

Then came facebook, twitter, Linkedin and other social networking sites and blogspot, and other blogs. All of them could be easily used if we had a gmail id and hence my priority was svabhishek @

Now, I list out the forums and sites that have the gmail username i.e. svabhishek.

1. Facebook -- svabhishek @
2. -- svabhishek @
3. Blogspot --
4. Gmail, YouTube, Picasa, Google Docs, Bookmarks, Wave, Orkut , all Google products use the gmail id svabhishek @
5. IRC -- svabhishek
6. Twitter -- svabhishek
7. Skype -- svabhishek
8. LinkedIn -- svabhishek
9. --
10. Launchpad -- svabhishek
11. BugZilla -- svabhishek
12. Paypal -- svabhishek @
13. FlipKart -- svabhishek @
14. Ubuntu Forums -- svabhishek
15. Drupal -- svabhishek

Whew .... and many more .... Also , I need to figure out a username for the sites which dont accept the same username as the mail id ... will figure out and post it soon. Till then cheers :) :)