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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Stop Autorun applications in Ubuntu 11.10

Guys ... a quick Ubuntu post ( also for my reference :D ) ...

There was this bluetooth which always started up whenever I logged into Ubuntu ( Unity or GNOME ) .. and thus consuming my battery if I forgot to switch it off. Ultimately .. I wanted to turn it off and here it is.

Open the terminal and then

cd /etc/xdg/autorun/

Then ...


NOTE : Backup before you delete !!!

You will find all the applications that run on start up.
To stop the bluetooth from running .. just delete the bluetooth file.

sudo rm bluetooth-applet.desktop bluetooth-applet-unity.desktop  

And thats it !!! :) Peace !!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Life is Too Short ?? Is it ?

Life is really too short to achieve anything .. so you might have heard a million times about how to enjoy it, achieve something and all that. But do you really believe life is short ? Then try solving a rubik's cube with one hand under 20sec. You'll know how hard it is to get there. Or imagine your girl / boy friend is coming to see you in a few hours, you'll know how long life can be.

Take that as an inspiration and make sure you make the best out of it. You dont need to start off thinking how to change the world overnite. Try to analyze the environment you are in. Does that need any change ? Think over the problems that YOU personally are facing everyday. Try to change the world around you and the world you live in will automatically change.

All the knowledge that you have acquired over the years, all the experience that you have gained and all the effort that you put in to learn something perfectly might become a waste after you move out of this world ... but ... when you use that knowledge and experience and combine it with your skill to create something great for the people around you to use ... then ... your knowledge .. your experience ... your skill .. will live on .. forever ...

What I am saying is a quote from Steve Jobs .. who said that " All what you'e learnt might go away after your death just like the "click" of an On/Off switch ... and that's the reason why Apple's products dint have an On/Off button !!! "

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Social Network or rather thefacebook

Every time I see the movie The Social Network I feel too damn happy for two things.
1. I understand the movie ( the coding part and all of it .. )
2. I just feel inspired by Zuck and I just feel that I need to do something which is important to me ... I really feel so ..

Working on the main project can give me a coding and a knowledge boost, but I think that would really spoil my preparation for GATE 2012. Started the preparation with Digital Electronics a few hours back ... completed the Number System part need to concentrate more on those for a few months and then I can get back to either coding or cubing .. I am damn sure it will end up with coding but ... cant really state it out or declare.

Working with python will be the first thing I will start doing once I get back to coding and then later on get back to the php6 stuff.

Will complete the mini projects that I took u completely and will make sure I atleast perfect in a single language before getting out of MHVR. Later !!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Share !!!! on and from Google Docs :)

Guys, this is not a tech article or something but this is FYI ( For your information ) and the content you are about to read is so damn basic .. dont feel bad that I wasted your time in making you do something so stupid.

So, here it is .. How to use GDocs and sharing directly from Google Docs to a particular group on Facebook.

Step 1 : Open and login ( If you dont have a google id ... hmm ... idiot, go get one :P )

Step 2 : After logging in, you will have an " upload " symbol or the upload button beside the Create button to the left side of the page.  Click that !!

Step 3 : Click the upload button and choose " Files ". Then choose the file that you want to upload from your Hard drive. (  Dont forget to click on " Start Upload " )

Step 4 : You now will come across a window where the upload has finished and there is an option for you to share. Click on " Share ".


If you dont see that, no issues, click on the title of the document that you just uploaded and the document will be opened in a New Tab. To the right hand corner you will find the share button. Click on that.

Step 5 : The default status of every document is " Private - Only the people listed below can access ". To the right hand side of that there is a " Change " option. Clicking on that will result in a pop up where the option can be changed to, " Anyone with the link ". Select that and save the document.

NOTE : Check the Allow Anyone to Edit option if required.

Step 6 : Then you will be given a link and below that you have options, of which one has a link to Facebook. Click on that and share the document with your friends on your wall or choose from the options to share the document in a specific group :) :) 

Hope you like this post :D :P ... I really dont care even if you dont like .. you can always refer to the Google Docs FAQ ~!~

Sunday, May 29, 2011

PHP : Wanna edit in something new :D

Hello guys, if you are following me on Facebook, the you'll know that I currently am not in Hyd. So ... where am I ??? At Vijayawada, doing a MT Event. The event is for 10 days, so .... ten days without my laptop would be like ... no air for about 10 mins ... :D

Since I have lots of work to do after I get back home ( project, web-site for the cube tourney, another project and GATE coaching along with my personal programming training )

I said programming training because :( I recently got to know that I almost forgot Java and without NetBeans am a complete waste ) ... So ... did a little research on java or php and guess what :D ... I am happy with php ... Am planning on learning a few more languages along with HTML ( properly ) and JavaScript which include Ajax, Python and PERL ( if possible ).

Now, coming to php development, I've been doing lots ( dont mistake lots for a huge project or a module, its just nothing with compared to the real developers out there. ) of coding on the gEdit Text Editor and after watching a few videos in which TextMate ( MacOS ) was used, I really loved it and decided to move to an IDE.

I had the Netbeans option and just by installing plugins, I could do with php but .... Netbeans and Eclipse became the standard and go-to applications for many languages and I wanted to try something new.

I already used Komodo which was really nice, and Geany, which was nice too. So wish me luck coz I just am trying to use the ZEND Studio and I hope it'll be great. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog ?? Do you really need it ?

A blog ... Most of my friends ( leaving the geekish guys ) read blogs and hear a lot about them, but do you actually know what it is ?? According to Wikipedia, a Blog is a Web log where entries are written in chronological order and are displayed in the reverse chronological order.


Here, there are a few terms used which should be taken as they are intended to.

1. to blog : means to post an article on a blog. The term blog, here is being referred to as a verb

2. blogger : A person who writes articles on a blog.

3. blog post : An article in a blog. This should have been the first term that should have been mentioned in this list.

Past and the Present

Blogging first started out geekishly like email, IRC and like any other service that used the Internet. It was not until 05/06 that companies started to make announcements on blogs which was done at a press meet or a newsletter to a mail list, until then.

Soon blogs meant serious business and as the bigshots started using them for a reason , the common man learnt more about blogs and related issues so that he could stay connected to the world than to wait for some newsletter in his inbox.

Due to this, the over all bloggers, blog services and people who just read blogs increased and Blogs became a source of mass communication in a very economic way where one wouldn't need to spend money or resources but just needed the time to put things out in an effective way.

As an inside story, the people who just read blogs might not know how the information comes from, but as someone who is following blogs since about 4 years, and acquainted with the web since a few more years, I can just tell that this information ‎comes from one person who blogs it in his personal blog, which is followed by many. They in turn blog it on their personal blogs and the information, which started out from a single source moved on to the whole world and within a few hours also makes news on the local news channels.

Companies, CEOs, Tech Developers and a host of other people saw what could be achieved out of blogs and now, what happens is, most of the news are first blogged in abstract and later on the suspense is revealed by making good use of the press.

The companies also make sure that the blog post is written so well that once a user reads it, he should understand something about the product, the company and its plans for the future. People are being hired to write about launch parties, product releases so that the blog attracts readers and attention from all over the world.

Why do you need to Blog ?

This is a question which almost everyone can answer but differently and the surprising part is that, everyone can be right. What am saying is different people have different perspectives on " Why to blog " but what I feel is that, a blog is a way to put down your personal feelings and let everyone know about them.

Now,You can also ask me " why do I need to blog when there is Facebook or Twitter ? ". Indeed that is a right question when you and your friends only can know about what you are thinking. Through facebook or twitter the whole world won't be knowing your views on an issue and definitely friends who dont login into facebook for about 6 hours wont be noticing your status messages. If you have a blog and you start posting regularly, people will start to follow your blog through Google Reader or any other feed and then will start on to know your views and comment on them.

Posting regularly also helps you keep a track of your mind set and when you read the previous posts, you will get to know what you were like then and what are you now. The posts not only help others to get influenced or inspired by from your thoughts, but they also at times help you get inspired by them in case you forgot what you were thinking a long time ago.

Writing posts on a blog help me in the following ways:

1. Got to keep a track of my thought process

2. Also got to know that memories make you smile.

3. Most importantly made me comfortable to in "Writing English"

4. In the process read other blogs, which helped me in knowing little bits and pieces of the Internet which I definitely would have missed.

5. Got to know that you can create sites / blogs but you've got to maintain them once they go online.

Friends, hope you all got to know why to blog and hope you'll soon start off with your own blog. Do let me know then. Always happy to help you guys out.

Will be waiting for your views and comments. Until then Happy Ugadi and Happy Blogging :) :)

Komodo Editor 6.1.1

Hello friends,

As I put up on my facebook status, from now on I would be dedicating time to update my blog and share the information that I get while browsing the web or hacking on some php code.

Until now, I've used Geany, which was really an excellent editor for php. But now, I recently came across Komodo which has become my favourite Editor with the first edit of php code.

I liked the features and the way it really works while editing code especially. The way it handles blocks of code is truly worth appreciating. Here is a small how-to on installing Komodo IDE 6.1.1 on Ubuntu/Debian.

Step 1: At the time of writing this post, on 4/4/11, Komodo Editor is in the 6th Version. You can get it by clicking here.

Step 2: After downloading the tarball, you can extract it using the following command ( Ctrl + Shift + T for terminal ).

tar xzvf Komodo-Edit-6.1.1-7295-linux-libcpp6-x86_64.tar.gz

Step 3: Using the cd command you can just browse into the extracted directory and then run the file using the command :


NOTE : There shouldn't be any permission related issues, but if there are any, please do run the below command and then go for the file.

sudo chmod 755

Step 4: In the middle of the installation ( which won't take much time ) you will be prompted for which directory the installation should proceed in. There you can give the path / address of the folder of your choice or, you can just give it as,

/home/(user_name)/Komodo-Edit-6/ and then move on.

Step 5: Now is the time to create a Desktop Shortcut, which probably will be a favourite among the migrants from Windows to GNU. So, you can do that by running the following command in the terminal.

sudo ln -s "/home/(user_name)/Komodo-Edit-6/bin/komodo" /usr/local/bin/komodo

That will create a symbolic link of the original executable file onto the Desktop.

PS : I am working with Komodo-Edit-6 on the 64Bit version on Ubuntu 10.10 and its working perfectly fine.

More about php and my projects and related work, later. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Something Big !!!

After a long time I just felt like blogging a bit of my life and here I am .. doing just what I want to :)

All these days I knew what I wanted .. Success ... but dint know how to start off or from where to .. I now feel that I am into something big ... really big. Dont know what, but I feel that I am now-a-days am involved in something. May be the GSOC or the image of Sachin that Pavan Akula just discussed with me. Really dont know what.

After all that happened with me in Jan and Feb I really feel like doing something about my life. I never tried to do something big coz its a known fact that big things start off small just like Google, Apple and Microsoft.

I loved the quote " Good Artists copy. Great Artists Steal "

But I feel that " Real Artists are the ones who think differently "

But it all depends on the creativity that you use in implementing something that someone has missed out. There is no big logic or a confusing algorithm to be creative. Well, in my view, creativity is what you see that others fail to. Things like creativity, logic and art are not representations of great intelligence but, they are just instincts that strike when they dont for " normal " people. In a nut shell, it finally comes to your perspective of the world. Bill Gates had one, Steve Jobs had one, Larry page has one, you have one, I have something else. Everyone has a perspective of they world. In the end it all comes down to how you see the way the world, the universe works and that, my dear friends is the real art.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Inference !!

Hello guys .. posting after a long time ... someone wanted me to do so and .. I am here .. trying to write something but not knowing what to ...

Recently attended Acumen 2k11, which is the annual techfest of Vasavi Engineering College. When I went there, all I could see were cars and ... many cars :D ..

So .. cutting out all the shit .. I just will come to the point .. there was the Cube Competition and I took part in it .. went with confidence ( with a 40sec average :@ ) and solved the cube .. got a 37 finally. Someone ( Pavan from MGIT ) was there and solved it faster than me ( 34.44 sec in the tie breaker ) and won the competition.

So, what did I learn ...

Nothing ... :D .. No no .. I learnt something .. I learnt that .. you should try to improve your talent and not waste it like I did by not practicing the cube.
Whatever talent or knowledge that you have is not a waste and will be useful at some point of time or the other.

Also at VCE .. when I was done with the presentation, I was asked about the Strider HoneyMonkey System and when I mentioned the word google and page ranking, I was asked about those which I easily explained.

If I hadn't known what the page rank was, I would probably end up becoming a fool infront of everyone. Though I dint know about how redirection takes place in the HoneyMonkey system, I had the confidence to mention and talk about the PageRanking system used by Google. :)

So, people .. learn whatever you can from the above talked shit .. !! :D