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Thursday, November 4, 2010

svabhishek !!!

I dont know if its good to leave a footprint ... but my digital footprint ( or it that is what I call it ) is all over the internet.

When I was 13, I created a yahoo id which was skm_sva015 at The first three letters " skm " abbreviated my father's name Sistla Krishna Murthy, the next three after the _ abbreviated mine and the numbers " 015 " was the date of my b'day Jan 15th and since skm_sva15 was not available, i opted for the next best choice, skm_sva015 as suggested by yahoo.

Then , in 9th grade, just when gmail was introduced and everything could be processed only after getting an invite, my sister created my now official gmail id svabhishek @

After that, I had to join in 11th because of the pressure from friends and the people that they scrapped on orkut. I used my skm_sva015 id to join but soon forgot the password and had to shift in to gmail. Later due to issues, I created another gmail account and started using orkut from that. Then I removed orkut from my gmail id just to be safe. Then came the time for an official email id when I was to register myself on various linux forums and for techfests.

I was all confused as to which id to use. I finally decided to use my gmail id due to the following reasons.

1. My love for Google and its produts.
2. The high storage space offered by gmail ( was the highest at that time compared to Yahoo or HotMail )
3. The Labs in gmail and its features.
4. The simplicity and user friendliness.
5. Its integration with Mozilla ( I used mozilla a lot and its add-ons )
6. Fianlly, the name ( svabhishek ) was much better than skm_sva015.

So , I ultimately had to choose my gmail id as my official id and skm_sva015 for my personal use. But then, I realised that , whatever I did with the email was always official and never personal. So I ended up checking gmail on a daily basis and my yahoo on a quarterly basis ( once in every 3 months ).

But this dint end here, the forums that I registered were linked to each other and they integrated my gmail ID among themselves and gave me a username called " svabhishek " which I was very familiar with by then.

Then came facebook, twitter, Linkedin and other social networking sites and blogspot, and other blogs. All of them could be easily used if we had a gmail id and hence my priority was svabhishek @

Now, I list out the forums and sites that have the gmail username i.e. svabhishek.

1. Facebook -- svabhishek @
2. -- svabhishek @
3. Blogspot --
4. Gmail, YouTube, Picasa, Google Docs, Bookmarks, Wave, Orkut , all Google products use the gmail id svabhishek @
5. IRC -- svabhishek
6. Twitter -- svabhishek
7. Skype -- svabhishek
8. LinkedIn -- svabhishek
9. --
10. Launchpad -- svabhishek
11. BugZilla -- svabhishek
12. Paypal -- svabhishek @
13. FlipKart -- svabhishek @
14. Ubuntu Forums -- svabhishek
15. Drupal -- svabhishek

Whew .... and many more .... Also , I need to figure out a username for the sites which dont accept the same username as the mail id ... will figure out and post it soon. Till then cheers :) :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Unknowingly Me .. !!!

I dont know why am I writing this post .. but right now, deep down in my heart there is a sadness ... A sadness which I fail to recognize and it is something which I am familiar with. I wish there was a perfect day where everything would go so perfect from getting the phone call which I need the most to eating my favourite dish in the exact quantity.

I just wish there was the one little thing that I missed the most in life. I still don't know what it is .. but I know that I am missing something ... something which makes me go mad .. something which makes me addicted to the system around ... something which makes me feel sad .. something which ........

I am in still in that mood where I wish there was something that I could do to avoid everything and everyone in life ... There is still a tear in my eye from the novel which I just finished reading .. I too had a love story  by Ravinder Singh. It truly is something that has not only touched my heart but also the cells that make up the blood that flows through my body. I exactly remember what I did and what I feel about them right now. I remember running here and there just to deliver what I had in my hand. I remember " walking while talking " .. I remember all the things I had done just coz .....

There is really something that I am missing and all of this just reminds me about the way I was and the way I am right now. I just cant really gather myself up and stop writing this post. Still don't know why.

I cant tell you for sure if I am feeling fine, but am sure I will after a while when all my memories go back the place where they belonged .. into the sub-conscience state of my mind. I am sure that you reading this would be a waste of time .. but since this "is" my personal blog ... I AM ALLOWED TO WRITE WHATEVER IS ON MY MIND....

I never wanted my love to be as high as Everest or as beautiful as the Taj Mahal or the Himalayas .. I just wished my love to be felt like the wind .. not visible but ... just being felt !!! Many breezes passed through by me .. but I never got to feel the way I wanted to .......

I never actually forgot what happened between us .. I just wanted her to remind me about everything .. Everytime I see her .. there is this special feeling that blanks me out and blurs everything in front of me just to make sure I remember everything that happened between us ..  I just can proudly think that you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I wanted you to believe in the same .. !!! .. I dont know how much I cared for you .. until I couldn't take a step forward without you for breakfast when I hadn't eaten for two days ... just because you were not there to accompany me .. I still remember that .. I was so mad that I waited 4 days ... just to dine with you .. something which never happened.

I love every night because that is when I dream about you ...
I love every morning .. coz that is when you wake up with my text wishing you a very good morning ...
I love every second of the day coz ... that is the only time when I think about you ...
I love every minute of the day coz ... I feel that is the only time you are with me ...
I love every hour of the day because .... I just wait for you .. 

I wait ....
every second ..
every minute ..
every hour ... and .....
I wait all day ...
Just to say .. that I love you .. !!!

( Now dont start treating me as a complete loser in life .. I just wrote down what I wanted to .. !!! Nothing else .. njoy :) :) )

More about my achievements and stuff about Shaastra2010 in the posts that follow ... !!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Incomplete and a Very Long Time

Hello guys ... for those of you who read my blog .. I am sorry .. left many posts incomplete ( dont worry ... not the technical ones ) and ... haven't blogged in a very long time.

So here I am back .. Just wanna post about some of the things that I did this holidays and the 2-3 tech posts that always come along.

Don't worry this is personal post and not technical. 

So .. May 21st was our PPL ( Principles of Programming Languages ) Exam .. and boy , I was so excited to finish is off asap and dint even prepare properly but .. god knows how I sat there for 3 long hours without completing all 5 questions. That day, Harsha Rahul Madhu Umesh Naveen and me went to La ?? I forgot the name :D to chill out ..

After that, for the next 3 days I was awaiting my call for the internship that I had applied during exams ( but finally I dint get the call :D no worries ). In the mean time .. I started to get perfect with PHP and also I started my experiments on  Erlang ( which I later gave up !! Reasons listed below ).

Also, I almost forgot to mention that the first thing that I did in the holidays apart from installing and updating Ubuntu was to buy a Micormax Q5fb which seriously rockked !! The trackball feature ( similar to Blackberry ) is present in this phone which makes it even more interesting. The phone has a one touch facebook option but the facebook app is not too good .. the original site itself is much better than the app provided by Micromax.

So, moving on ... I have been quite interested in Content Management Systems and hence decided to build on with PHP these holidays. Working on that, I've learnt things that I will be posting in the technical posts.

Coming to the MeritTrac part of my holidays, I worked with HSBC and then conducted the NPCIL / BARC exam at Sri Sai Degree and PG College in DSNR. It was a nice experience and was my second PSU event but it went on very well.
After that was the Jipmer, followed by Accenture and ONGC in June.

All these days I've not coded many lines but acquired enough knowledge to start off and finish a small project properly. I also went to the GSoC meet which was organised by Manohar , a GSoC ( OpenMRS ) intern from KMIT. The meet was awesome and I interacted with a nice community over there.

Meanwhile coming back home .. I had some issues with the educational loan and hence had to go to college twice / thrice. During one such visit , I've talked to Madhubala mam for about an hour on technology, life and personal history.  She showed keen interest in what I was talking which made me very happy because of late, I never came across someone who shared the same ideas as me. Mam also advised me to write the Core Java Certification exam after preparing well.

As I thought before the start of the holidays, I wanted to go for the GATE coaching but, ultimately dropped that idea for some personal reasons and also gave a thought on it. I would be concentrating on my co-curricular and acads this year but would be writing the GATE exam after some self preparation. The next year I would take some coaching on that and then go for another attempt which can help me crack it ( atleast that is what I think ).

Moving on .. I my gave and is currently giving me so much trouble that, this was the major reason why I couldn't code properly these holidays. Though I dint think that the system would survive longer.. I just hoped it would cover my days at home .. which dint happen. Ultimately my option was to get a laptop which fortunately is a Dell Studio 15 which had MS Win 7 on that .. ( Not a problem coz the formatting had been done on the day it arrived :D ) I presently am writing this blog post on Ubunt u 10.04 x64 while downloading the Ubuntu Ultimate Edition after which Slackware and Frugalware will also be downloaded.

I suppose I've covered all the major things that I did these holidays, apart from going to chilkur with Kapil and co. and ..... starting my java classes which will go on for a month or two from now and ..... yeah I almost forgot ... I wrote a tip about the who command which got published in the LFY ( LinuxForYou ) Magazine. I also received a LFY T-shirt but it unfortunately is a very huge one ( XXL ) which will never fit me !!!

So thats it for now guys .. soon , will edit this post and complete it ( hopefully ) by July 13th. :) :) :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Clean Urls on Drupal6

Hello friends, I recently installed Drupal6 on my machine which operates on Ubuntu 10.04. So this being pretty new , I also wanted to change from Drupal 5 on to Drupal6 on

I basically dont like the urls to be unidentifiable and hence wanted to enable Clean Urls feature as soon as I setup my Drupal6. 

But the thing was , my system was tested and Drupal6 dint support the feature. So after a bit of ( a lot of ) googling and understanding ... I found out this very simple hack / tweak that helps you enable the feature. 

So here it is ... enjoy ... 

First what you do is , check if the mod_rewrite is available or not in Apache2.
To check , please key in the following in the terminal
( Applications > Accessories > Terminal )

apache2ctl -M

*If you dont have Apache2 installed and just Apache installed , you can try this out as well.

apachectl -M

In the output, please check if the rewrite_module is included or not.

If it is not there in the list .. please leave this article and google around on " how to load the rewrite_module in Drupal6 " because though I have an idea ... I perfectly cant guide you through the process.

Update :
Just install the " rewrite_module" using the following command.

sudo a2enmod rewrite 

Then restart apache2 using the following command.

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

So continuing with the step-by-step instructions ... The following command works to enable the module without editing any files:

a2enmod rewrite

We then have to restart Apache server

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Then we move on to edit the htaccess file which can be done by using gedit.

sudo gedit /etc/drupal/6/htaccess

Then search for RewriteBase /drupal  to  RewriteBase /drupal6
Save the file and then restart Apache again.

Then move on to http://localhost/drupal6/?q=admin/settings/clean-urls and enable the Clean Urls feature.

Hope this post was useful in someways for someone.
Thanking you .. !!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Convert WMA file format to AVI in Ubuntu ( Debian // Slackware // Fedora , etc ) And Vice-Versa

Hello friends, most of you might be having a problem while upping your personal videos or any video as such into your phones because they support only specific file formats.

So here I present to you , Mencoder which converts WMA file format to AVI format.

For Ubuntu :

sudo apt-get install mencoder

mencoder infile.wmv -ofps 23.976 -ovc lavc -oac copy -o outfile.avi

Similarly for Fedora : 

sudo yum install mencoder

mencoder infile.wmv -ofps 23.976 -ovc lavc -oac copy -o outfile.avi

For something Vice-versa ... that is convertin from AVI to WMV , we have ffmpeg which is a famous command that most of you must have tried or atleast heard about.

The process for converting the file is as follows :

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

ffmpeg -i "Input.avi" -s 320x240 -b 1000k -vcodec wmv2 -ar 44100 -acodec wmav2 -ab 56k -ac 2 -y Output.wmv

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lightning Fast !!!!

This is the picture of a deer that is running on water .... Just see the ripples as it moves ... !!!!

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Team Lead !!!

Hello friends, its been a long while since I blogged. Mainly it was of 2 reasons :

  1. I had exams , supplies and other stuff to study, read and respond.
  2. I was working with MT as you know and hence the time that I spend with the system and the web mainly reduced on weekends.
The thing with Merit Trac was, we could do whenever we wanted to and hence the only days that I wanted to earn money while not spoiling my academics were the Weekends, i.e. on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday : Mostly students ( especially Engg ) dont like going to college on Saturdays. Though I will be deprived of my attendance, I am confident enough of not missing any classes and even though I miss one or two, I am sure that I will cope up by the time I attend the next class.

Sunday : Instead of Hookafying or wasting my time playing UNO cards or going out to a movie ... I, on a Sunday , can spend my time at CTS or Accenture where no one will stop me from entering the offices because I am with MT !!! Cool na .. !!!

One more thing is that, through MT I learnt a lot in regard to Team Work. No doubt I try to slack at times but I am sure that I can work hard. I also liked MT because all the people over there are pretty friendly and except a few, no one shows any kind of rough attitude towards anyone. Also at times I dint like the HRs who were working with some organizations, but had to manage and whenever I came across such kind of people, I would just think that everyone in this World has bad bosses. That is the reason why I think Anurag chose something where he was the least or not at all answerable to anyone who is in a superior position to him.

We ( Kapil , Kranthi ~ alphabetical order , no partiality ~ and myself ) can also start something which can change the lives of many people across many different lands. All of them unite on a strong point, which is the passion within themselves. A passion that will make every small thing around them something so big that, only by the feel of that passion or that particular entity, the World around them feels so big and good and then ultimately all the people in the Organisation would feel important. The making them feel important part of any organisation is very important and plays a crucial role in the upcoming of an organisation.

So now, I write about something which I always wanted to become ... a leader ... I wanted to feel important and finally through MT I am feeling a bit important. All these years, people considered me as someone who couldn't achieve anything, someone who just told things but not execute them, someone who would just say that he knew the C language but got only 54 marks in the main external which was the most fucked and the most fucking moment of the whole of my engineering life ( just wanted to say this out ... nothing specific ).

I finally became the team lead for tomorrow's Cognizant Walk-in Interviews, where I will be leading a team of 7 including me or just make it a team of 6. The people with whom we will be dealing are top coders with a min experience of abotu 2.5 years , which may go upto 11+ years of coding experience in CPP. The idea of me being a team lead is making me very happy and also the fact that I've been doing CTS since the past two weeks is making me feel good. The thought of joining MT itself was something that I liked very much and it will be something that I will never forget. The first interviews, the first test that I conducted and the first HR that I spoke to are the ones that I cherish the most.

The details about tomorrow's event will be posted here soon and please dont think that this is something that is useless ... All these are my thoughts and hence take patience or leave ( to which I dont mind )

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Naalo Nenena

Nice lyrics from the movie Bhanam aka Banam 2009. The song is : Naalo Nenena :) Enjoy friends ....

Naalo nenena ... edo annana ...
Naathone leni maimarapula ...
Emo annanemo ... nuvu vinavemo
Vinna maataedo ninnadagana ...

Naalo nenena ... edo annana ...
Naathone leni maimarapula ...
Emo annanemo ... nuvu vinavemo
Vinna maataedo ninnadagana ...

Ala saagipotunna naalona
Edhenti ila kotha aalochana ..
Manase naadi .. maate needi ..
Edi em maayo...

Naalo nenena ... edo annana ...
Naathone leni maimarapula ...
Emo annanemo ... nuvu vinavemo
Chinna maata edo ninnadagana ...

Avunu kaadu thadabaatuni
Antho intho gadi dhaatani
Vidhi vidiponi paradaani
Palukai raani praanaanni

Yeda antha padaalona palikena
Na mouname prema aalapana
Manasee naadi maate needi
Edem maayo ...

Naalo nenena ... edo annana ...
Naathone leni maimarapula ...
Emo annanemo ... nuvu vinavemo
Chinna maatedo ninnadagana ...

Daivam varamai dorikindani
Naalo sagamai kalisindani
Melakuva kaani hrudayaani
Chiguraiponi sisiraanni ...

Neetho chelimi chestunna nimishaalu
Nooreluga yedigi poyayi ila ...
Maname saakshyam 
Maate mantram
Preme bandham ...

Naalo nenena ... edo annana ...
Naathone leni maimarapula ...
Emo annanemo ... nuvu vinavemo
Chinna maataedo ninnadagana ...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan 15 '10 !!! Sexiest B'day Ever !!!

Wow !!! I am 19 years now !!! its been an year since I am an adult !! Now what did I do this year ??

  • Completely Migrated to Linux from Windows
  • Learnt Drupal and kool C++ Programming
  • Learnt How to use and lose phones 
  • Basics of DUMming !!!
  • Inherited some nice songs from Different movies
  • Friends !! Got to know who are what ...
So now !! Why am I calling this the sexiest b'day ever ...

Coz !!! I had to bathe exactly 50min .. I wouldn't have believed it if I would have heard it elsewhere ...

So on 14th Jan at 2330 hours I went to the PBR terrace to meet my friends over there. I knew they had planned something ... so I was curious to see what they planned !!!

At 2356 Ramya wished me many happy returns and I talked to her for about 30 seconds after which she hung up. After that, at 0000 on 15th Jan my friends out there, Bittu Vishy Teja Chabi and Madhur wished me and then said that they were leaving which left me in a surprise as I expected something else. I walked along with them and went down to the ground floor in the 'C' block lift. Then I was taken back to the terrace and I was full of fear coz the junta looked like they were hungry for some bakra to receive B'day bums !!! :D Then they took me up onto the tank and made me to cut the cake and the Cake was all over my Shaastra 09 T-shirt and Wrangler Jeans !!! :( :( :( :| :| :| :) :) :)

Then they brought me down to the B block terrace and gave me B'day bums and finished off the cake that was remaining on to my body !!!

After that was over, I came back along with Madhur and called Anurag who was in my house. I just went in along with Anurag and Santosh when Kranthi surprised me with a cake and candles !!! My Second cake of the day that too just after 30 min of my b'day passed. So with this cake was not all over my body but went into my mouth !!!!! They gave me a photo frame which I liked very much and into which the photo which has the all of us will go.. So after they left at about 0050, I went in to bathe and then came out and presently am writing this blog post after checking my orkut profile which dint get any wishes and me phone which got only 2 text messages from Kiran, followed by calls from Kapil and Sai Kiran !!!

The present time is 0146 as I log off for the night to take some rest !!!