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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Small Article on IT

So friends ... here is a small project ( or can be called as an article ) on Information Technology. ( History , Basis , Growth , etc )

Information Technology :

The word Information Technology has spread far and wide in today's fast moving world. The frequency of the word has been so much that even school kids know what IT is. The point is, do they exactly know what is meant by Information Technology ?

Well, here is the answer, as defined by the ITAA ( Information Technology Association of America ), Information Technology exactly is,

" The study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware. "

The term Information Systems often confused with IT , refers to the interaction between processes and technology. This interaction can occur within or across organizational boundaries. An information system is not only the technology an organization uses, but also the way in which the organizations interact with the technology and the way in which the technology works with the organization’s business processes. Information systems are distinct from information technology in that an information system has an information technology component that interacts with the processes components.[1]

History :

During the early 70's there was a huge increase in the application of softwares and also there were enormous leaps in the invention of many hardware components.

The UNIX operating system was built in the late 70's. This OS had features that the hardware that was being used was not enough and additional cards and slots were needed in most of the systems. There suddenly were many versions of the UNIX operating systems, called as flavors and these were built according to individual or professional needs. The whole of the 80's was spent in the developing of rich applications and hardcore devices.

The communication system in the 90's changed from telegrams to the electronic mail and later, from phone ( fixed lines ) to pagers to mobile phones. Due to the change in the hardware and the invention of many new devices, the software and the way that people used these softwares had also changed and that paved way to the sudden and progressive growth in the field of software application and development along with hardware advancements.

The start of the new millennium gave birth to a giant of the industry, and one such innovation that changed the way the people saw the world wide web ( www ) or the internet, Google. Due to the browser wars, there was also a decline in the business of NetScape and many such companies that once flourished.

Growth : 

As discussed earlier, many companies were initiated and terminated in the 90's which led to a serious battle for every service that could be offered with the computer. May it be the internet, the cable, the processors, the external storage devices or may it be the Browser to access the www. All of them had serious , strict and a tough competition in the market. The giants of that time were, Apple, IBM, Compaq in the hardware industry and Apple and Micro Soft along with IBM competed in the software field.

All of them needed a common platform to develop the software applications on.  Hence both of them created and installed the different operating systems onto their machines which made it easier for them to build apps on.

There were many new features that the OS' included, which ranged from Word Processors to Networking Issues and Databases to Content Management Systems. These had to be used in such a way that they were portable and the systems had to be made accordingly.

Sources :

1. Wikipedia

Monday, December 28, 2009

LAMP !!!

Hello friends, its been a while since I posted something technical. So here I am posting the last tech post of the year 2009, which is the procedure to install the LAMP Server or the Linux Apache MySQL and phpMyAdmin.

This is basically to test the server on a local host and then make it a server or, the site contents can be first tested locally and then can be hosted on an external server which is accessible 24x7.

The HTTP Server : Apache 2
The Database : MySQL
PHP Compiler : phpMyAdmin
*CMS ( Content Mangement System ) : Drupal

*Basically, the CMS is not needed but the inclusion makes it easier to manage sites and all related stuff.

So here it is,

NOTE : Please run all the commands in the terminal.

For Debian / Ubuntu ( GNOME ): Applications --> Accessories --> Terminal
For KDE : Start Menu --> Konsole (Terminal)

Installation of Apache2 :

2009 at a Glance

Yeah.. the much awaited post .. ( ob for me ... you cant await for something like this .... !!! )

So here it goes .. a brief description of everything that I faced in 09 .. !!

January 09 :

Jan 15th : My B'day ... !!!!
 Hm.. invited some of my college mates who in the end dint turn up .. yasaswi and kranthi came for lunch and kapil came in the evening when I was not there ( was at shilpa's house ... ) and then ended up finishing my b'day at shilpa's house .. !!! came back on 16th afternoon ...
In the end had a nice b'day :) :)

Jan 23rd to 27th : NITW - SpringSpree 09 !!! - Golden Jubilee @ NITW

Hm.. this one was again a bouncer .. !!! Hanith and I worked our a*s off and what do we get ??? NOTHING !!!!!! But from that event .. I learnt how to handle events and organize people and also how to make a report .. made my first report on something ... that just took me around 8 pages in 14pt Times New Roman font !!!!!!!
Took part in many events .. and the stay was not that good .. the hostels were coming up and ... there was no good food availible in the campus except for some coffeesssss ( :D harsha !!! ).

February :

There were the cricket matches for the upcoming sports week and we came to the second round .. ( one of the two fresher teams that came to the second round ... ). In the first round we faced IT freshers and the match came to a nail biting bowl out which we ultimately won !!! :P
In the second round ... we were defeated by the 3rd year EEE team .. but only by a close margin ..
EEE ( III / IV ) - 107 ( Target 108 )
CSE A ( I / IV ) - 98 ( in approx 12 overs - i dont remember exactly )

The end of the month !!! 23rd was the start of the second mid and even before we knew anything they were over and we were all staring at our marks :O ...

March :

March was like wow !!! ... Many exciting events at a stretch ...

The first week was the sports week which was the most awaited event at college .. but ... sadly we dint get a prize though we qualified in almost all the events for the second round ...

After that came the freshers party .. where Harsha and Ramya were the Mr. & Ms. Freshers and Pushyami and Kiran were the Ms and Mr. Rose resp !!.. Enjoyed the freshers party @ ZOUK !!!

April :

April dint have anything special except for me and Games Square ... this was the time that I was getting addicted to Games Square and started spending money .. also .. on one such monday in April.. kapil and I bunked college and went to Nagarjun Sagar !! wowwwww !!!!

May :

May 3rd was a memorable day for me and ... then came may 4th .. :D !!! May was full of records .. attendance .. ( which I fell short off ) and Lab internals .. Busy busy busy .. !!!!!!!!

June :

June was also a busy month with the first year exams ... and then holidays.. which was when I dint meet any of my friends .. the people with whom I spent time during exams disappeared all of a sudden ... !! :O

Here started 2-1 !!! nice ..

July :

July was all exciting because of 2-1 and my enthu for Shaastra and Robotics ..
July was all spent on planning ... studying and .. googling for different things that were required to start a team to build bots .. !!!

August :

Finally started building the bot 3 days before the competition and qualified for the 2nd round of RoboVeda 09 !!! .. Also gave a presentation on Robots @ SNIST !!! RoboVeda was full of fun for me ...

September :

The first internals of 2-1 !!!!!!!!!! and know what .. secured 78 % :D :D :D :D :D !!! Even before I knew .. i was out of those marks and into NITW for Technozion and then to IITM for Shaastra 09 ...
Lost my phone while coming back from Shaastra in the train !!! bad experience after all ... !!!!

October :

Its like October passed away in a flash ... leaving behind everything that I wanted .. Oct saw nothing in my life .. just passed as a month passed without acquiring any kind of knowledge about anything in life ... it just got me back to using Linux through LFY !!!!

November : 

The first half of Nov was a kool one with me waiting for Bhagi's B'day and then spending the next few days trying to study for the first and thrid exams which were PS and DLD. The next few days say 15 - 20th were spent in studying and taking decisions very quickly ( though none of them were followed later ). The marriage at Bhagi's house made our ( Harsha, Bhagi , Nag and myself ) days from the 20th to the 24th. In between we had a scene at Bhagi's house where Rohith fooled people by acting drunk.

Kranthi , helped me with a great and important issue on the 20th of November which I will never forget. ( Are you happy kranthi ?? )

December :

Whew !!! December 1st and 2nd were like hell for me with two back to back exams and then from the third it was total tension and fun. Tension because of the unconfirmed exam dates while Fun because we were staying so close to OU and then OU was in the National News due to the Telangana Issue.

While waiting for the college to open, Kapil and I met Harish a school friend of ours and then got into MeritTrac through him. He was very helpful initially and then we picked up the work that was being assigned. The first event was the one at CBIT with Cognizant who conducted the offline test on the first day and then conducted the placement round on the second. N. Ananth ( my friend at Shaastra - 08 ) got in successfully. On the second day, I was successfully given 3 panels to handle ( 5,6,7 ). We were then offered the OU CTS event on the 21st which was accomplished successfully.
On the evening of the 21st there was a requirement of 2 people who could configure systems for the TCS event, the next or the day after that. We configured 34 systems in about 40min and impressed by that, the POC ( Point of Contact ) for the Wipro Online Exam, Kiran asked us to attend the event on the 23rd. Both of us agreed at once so that we could attend the HR rounds of CTS on the 24th again.
On the evening of 23rd, just as the last batch was about to complete in my lab, there was a Telangana Rally and that led to a bandh on the 24th due to which the CTS event was cancelled.

After that, till date ( 28th ,  0638 ) I've been enjoying ... !!!

Details about the new year and other activities to be talked about later !!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Complete Year of Nothing !!

What has happened in one year ???

Nothing !!!

Nothing, as of such .. but everything has changed ...  the number of people around me increased .. but the number of friends that I have remain the same ... !!! Though I dont think that this is not a very good blog post ... but since I am bringing out my feelings .. this can be considered as a blog post .. what has improved in the last one year was my typing speed and my working knowledge of the system which I truely dedicated my life to ... Though I went off track with most of the coding part .. I got a great amount of knowledge from the various sites that I visit everyday ... In this one year .. I learnt how to write effective programs and how to tweak around with the kernel. Along with the use of almost all google products ... I also got to know the use of various Linux Systems and also the importance of the word "OPEN" to the Linux Community.

I met many people this year ... but not all of them are the ones who love me !!! I still have a strange feeling that the ratio of :

               ( The number of people who love me ) to ( The number of people who are with me ) is a "konstant" i.e. 0 !! Strange uh !! ...

whoami !! ??? !!!

This is actually a Unix / Linux Command .. !! but ... in this blog post I am talking about the literal meaning .. which is " Who AM I ?? "

A brother to no one ...
Not at least a friend to anyone .. !!!

When there is joy I will want everyone with me but, there are none .. !!
When there is sorrow .. I will want no one with me and as expected, there is none !!!

With me life is not a bed of roses but can me made one !!
But to whom should I tell this .. when I have none !!

I have dreams out of which I would never like to come ... but the ones that come out are not even equal to one !!
I still write this blog post because ... the persons with whom I talk are none !!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lyrics !!! Thaka Thaka From Katha Film

These are the lyrics of the " Thaka Thaka " song from the movie Katha ( 2009 ) starring Genelia !! :D

Thaka Thaka Thaka Thaka evaro
na madi gadi talupulu tadithe
tericha .. tericha ... oka nimishamu pranamu vidicha ... !!!

Thaka Thaka Thaka Thaka evaro
na madi gadi talupulu tadithe
tericha .. tericha ... oka nimishamu pranamu vidicha ... !!!

Aa Hanthaki nalo oohaki oopire posinadi
ne ontari ane matani antame chesinadi ..

Thaka Thaka Thaka Thaka evaro
na madi gadi talupulu tadithe
tericha .. tericha ... oka nimishamu pranamu vidicha ... !!!

oluku paluku ... asalu erugani manasuni osigolpindaa andam
oruku parugu ... avi teliyani talupuni tega tariminade papam ...

Neelala ningitera payina geesukunnana aame roopam
Jagamantha kagitam chesi rasukunnanu prema geetam ...

ee vellalo etepellina eduruga kanabadutu
aa patane prati aksharam vadalaka palikinadi ...

oh.. adigo adigo .. aa adugula sadivini kadhalanu kadalika raana
apude akade aa pedavula nakamuki edalanu vadalika pona ...

Santosham needala maari nadachi vastondi aame venta
aanandam paapala cheri aadukuntondi aame kanta ...

Na deviki tane vekuvayi velugune ichhinadi
ee janmalo maro janmane maru kshanam chupinadi ...

Thaka Thaka Thaka Thaka evaro
na madi gadi talupulu tadithe
tericha .. tericha ... oka nimishamu pranamu vidicha ...

Aa Hanthaki nalo oohaki oopire posinadi
ne ontari ane matani anthame chesinadi ... !!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Multimedia and Codecs on Ubuntu

For all the people who are migrating to Ubuntu from Windows ..... here is a nice package where you have all the codecs and all the support from Ubuntu for the windows files that you have.

Go to Terminal ( Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal ) and type the following command. 

sudo aptitude install ubuntu-restricted-extras

You will be prompted to enter the password of your 'root' account. Enter that and confirm the Installation ( you will be asked to press yes/no -- hit a 'y' ).

Through this pack you will be able to get codecs to play MP3 files and other GStreamer Plugins, Microsoft Fonts, JRE and Flash Plugin and a host of other features.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

GLUG @ Mahaveer

Glug !! at Mahaveer !! Omg !! Never though such a thing would happen ...

So finally discussed the GLUG thing with Leela after telling him about !!

The chat conversation went on well and he seemed pretty interested and also his tweets show the interest that he has ... :) :) good going Blckchip !!

The details regarding the GLUG and all the processes involved ( :D ) will be posted here regularly.

Orkut !!!! Revisited !!!!

Hii everyone .. i recently received a new orkut invite from Hanith .. BLKHRT !!!
So just want to share that experience with all of you ..

Ok .. let me start off from the top left .. the major change that you see there is that .. Orkut is now integrated like all other Google Services and you can access the whole web from Orkut itself.
The second major change is that.. there is a Box with all the information about your recent visitors ( with their pic ) and your Status message and finally your Dp and your availibility in the chat ...
The chat box.. that is the list of friends has been changed from the left to the right of the page.
In that box itself you have direct links to Profile , Scraps , Photos , Videos and More ( which has testimonials, apps , etc ).
To the top right of the box there are 5 colors which you can choose from !!!!


Also for the friend requests there is a nice button on the home page of the friend who has sent an add request.

The accept friend request button is a drop down and can accept or reject directly from there itself. The ad on orkut is also nicely placed and the photos are now squarer ( this feature was there in the previous version itself ).

The "action" button onto the right  helps the user to manage his friends directly from the home page itself and there are also many options that the user can edit about the information box ( my new name :D )

More details on 
promoting a community,
commenting on status updates,
managing your friends and communities at once,
nicer look than the previous version ,
improved friend suggestions
will be provided soon :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This is my first post in an year again. Just felt like doing so ... ( not the first time all this while but the first time that I am converting my feeling into action ).

All this while I faced serious struggle with life .. ( dint get to solve the cube properly at Shaastra Cube Open , IITM :D ). More than that there were many issues that should have been concentrated but ... were left to be solved on their own. Had many hardware problems with the computer including my LAN drivers .. due to which I couldn't connect to the net for about 2 months !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thinking about MAC these days .... but.. ohhh.. I totally forgot .. you know what is MAC ???

Its gonna come out pretty soon .. so all the ideas that will be implemented @ MAC will be posted here and also on the website .. :D

Lost My phone .. Moto EM30 .. Now am using a Nokia 1202 .. ( which has an OS which can even be writtern by me - provided I get paid ). And yeah... i forgot .. here is a link to my home page at the World Cube Association .

Also my page rank in the google home page is increasing .. type Sistla Abhishek and you will see my facebook profile popping up.

So.. thats it for now folks ... when I have time .. i will post a list of all the achievements that I acomplished this year... :)

Anthrax :D :D :D

Sunday, August 30, 2009

WTF here means … why the F**K am i not at IIT …

I know that this is not the way to start a blog post that will be read only by me after an year or so .. but just for the sake of convenience started of like this …

Last year went to Shaastra 08 where I took part in the Robotics Workshop and many other events for which I was not certified ….

Enjoyed my stay there with friends and seniors ( who are now obviously friends ) … The whole concept of Shaastra and the Spirit of Engineering and the knowledge that flows at IIT is clearly visible during the whole of Shaastra.

With the “ flow of knowledge ” I was very much impressed last year and this year I am going there after making a bot for the Delta Force Event with my batch mates.

And the team Ingenious , that is going to Shaastra, includes :

1. Kapil aka Power !!!!!! ( EEE @ GRIET )

2. V. Lavanya ( ECE @ MHVR — Bus Mate )

3. Prithvi Raj ( ECE @ MHVR — Fest Mate :D )

4. Abhishek aka Anthrax { me } /* CSE @ MHVR */ :D

I will express my WTF feeling later on .. coz should write internals well … take care..