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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eclipse - Adding your existing files as a project

Its been a while since I blogged ... and here it goes ...

In Eclipse, a direct drag and drop wont import all your files of an existing project. But you still want to use them to develop or just to examine the contents of the files. To do that .....

Step 1 : Choose your workspace as something which is the parent of the existing folder. For ex :

There is a folder A which has B and the B folder has C in it. cd A -> cd B -> cd C
If you want to import B, choose A as your workspace.

Step 2 : File -> New Project -> PHP Project ( in my case ) and then Name the project as B. Now, choose "Create a project at existing location".

Step 3 : Then add the required folders and you're done.

I currently am working on learning CodeIgniter - an Open Source PHP Framework and will post my learning experience here.

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