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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blogging.. At the End of 2008

Hm.. 25/12/08... Merry Christmas firstly..

The year 2008 ..... a year which showed .. sorrow.. guiltiness... loss, taught me values.. and did much to improve me.. has now.. come to an END...

It was a year.. which also improved me a lot.. it helped me to gain what i truly needed at that point of time.. it helped me to achieve something which was beyond my best.. ( I definitely dint crack the JEE .. but i have something more them...)

"Computer", the word computer or its synonyms associate me in a million ways. I remember the entire world from MicroSoft to Google to Infy to ANT to the systems at the SBH, Vidya Nagar and so on... People scolded me at times.. and said that I was not comparable to anyone in a particular insti..

bah.... i dont like to write it this way.. lemme come directly to the point...

Sharath Sir.. (hm..) scolded me many times and said that I was not comparable to anyone in Sir's Institution.. but see.. i think i am the only one who took the Course that Interested me..!!! hahaha

I got addicted to C lately... and I have been writing programs even on ... (.. i know whom and i know what... :D..).

hm.. so finally hoping to end this year on a happy note...

and wishing you All the Best .. and a Happy New year...

this is Abhishek..

Logging Off...

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