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Sunday, August 30, 2009

WTF here means … why the F**K am i not at IIT …

I know that this is not the way to start a blog post that will be read only by me after an year or so .. but just for the sake of convenience started of like this …

Last year went to Shaastra 08 where I took part in the Robotics Workshop and many other events for which I was not certified ….

Enjoyed my stay there with friends and seniors ( who are now obviously friends ) … The whole concept of Shaastra and the Spirit of Engineering and the knowledge that flows at IIT is clearly visible during the whole of Shaastra.

With the “ flow of knowledge ” I was very much impressed last year and this year I am going there after making a bot for the Delta Force Event with my batch mates.

And the team Ingenious , that is going to Shaastra, includes :

1. Kapil aka Power !!!!!! ( EEE @ GRIET )

2. V. Lavanya ( ECE @ MHVR — Bus Mate )

3. Prithvi Raj ( ECE @ MHVR — Fest Mate :D )

4. Abhishek aka Anthrax { me } /* CSE @ MHVR */ :D

I will express my WTF feeling later on .. coz should write internals well … take care..

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