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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Orkut !!!! Revisited !!!!

Hii everyone .. i recently received a new orkut invite from Hanith .. BLKHRT !!!
So just want to share that experience with all of you ..

Ok .. let me start off from the top left .. the major change that you see there is that .. Orkut is now integrated like all other Google Services and you can access the whole web from Orkut itself.
The second major change is that.. there is a Box with all the information about your recent visitors ( with their pic ) and your Status message and finally your Dp and your availibility in the chat ...
The chat box.. that is the list of friends has been changed from the left to the right of the page.
In that box itself you have direct links to Profile , Scraps , Photos , Videos and More ( which has testimonials, apps , etc ).
To the top right of the box there are 5 colors which you can choose from !!!!


Also for the friend requests there is a nice button on the home page of the friend who has sent an add request.

The accept friend request button is a drop down and can accept or reject directly from there itself. The ad on orkut is also nicely placed and the photos are now squarer ( this feature was there in the previous version itself ).

The "action" button onto the right  helps the user to manage his friends directly from the home page itself and there are also many options that the user can edit about the information box ( my new name :D )

More details on 
promoting a community,
commenting on status updates,
managing your friends and communities at once,
nicer look than the previous version ,
improved friend suggestions
will be provided soon :)

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