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I come under the first category .. What about you ???

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This is my first post in an year again. Just felt like doing so ... ( not the first time all this while but the first time that I am converting my feeling into action ).

All this while I faced serious struggle with life .. ( dint get to solve the cube properly at Shaastra Cube Open , IITM :D ). More than that there were many issues that should have been concentrated but ... were left to be solved on their own. Had many hardware problems with the computer including my LAN drivers .. due to which I couldn't connect to the net for about 2 months !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thinking about MAC these days .... but.. ohhh.. I totally forgot .. you know what is MAC ???

Its gonna come out pretty soon .. so all the ideas that will be implemented @ MAC will be posted here and also on the website .. :D

Lost My phone .. Moto EM30 .. Now am using a Nokia 1202 .. ( which has an OS which can even be writtern by me - provided I get paid ). And yeah... i forgot .. here is a link to my home page at the World Cube Association .

Also my page rank in the google home page is increasing .. type Sistla Abhishek and you will see my facebook profile popping up.

So.. thats it for now folks ... when I have time .. i will post a list of all the achievements that I acomplished this year... :)

Anthrax :D :D :D

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