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Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan 15 '10 !!! Sexiest B'day Ever !!!

Wow !!! I am 19 years now !!! its been an year since I am an adult !! Now what did I do this year ??

  • Completely Migrated to Linux from Windows
  • Learnt Drupal and kool C++ Programming
  • Learnt How to use and lose phones 
  • Basics of DUMming !!!
  • Inherited some nice songs from Different movies
  • Friends !! Got to know who are what ...
So now !! Why am I calling this the sexiest b'day ever ...

Coz !!! I had to bathe exactly 50min .. I wouldn't have believed it if I would have heard it elsewhere ...

So on 14th Jan at 2330 hours I went to the PBR terrace to meet my friends over there. I knew they had planned something ... so I was curious to see what they planned !!!

At 2356 Ramya wished me many happy returns and I talked to her for about 30 seconds after which she hung up. After that, at 0000 on 15th Jan my friends out there, Bittu Vishy Teja Chabi and Madhur wished me and then said that they were leaving which left me in a surprise as I expected something else. I walked along with them and went down to the ground floor in the 'C' block lift. Then I was taken back to the terrace and I was full of fear coz the junta looked like they were hungry for some bakra to receive B'day bums !!! :D Then they took me up onto the tank and made me to cut the cake and the Cake was all over my Shaastra 09 T-shirt and Wrangler Jeans !!! :( :( :( :| :| :| :) :) :)

Then they brought me down to the B block terrace and gave me B'day bums and finished off the cake that was remaining on to my body !!!

After that was over, I came back along with Madhur and called Anurag who was in my house. I just went in along with Anurag and Santosh when Kranthi surprised me with a cake and candles !!! My Second cake of the day that too just after 30 min of my b'day passed. So with this cake was not all over my body but went into my mouth !!!!! They gave me a photo frame which I liked very much and into which the photo which has the all of us will go.. So after they left at about 0050, I went in to bathe and then came out and presently am writing this blog post after checking my orkut profile which dint get any wishes and me phone which got only 2 text messages from Kiran, followed by calls from Kapil and Sai Kiran !!!

The present time is 0146 as I log off for the night to take some rest !!!

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