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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Team Lead !!!

Hello friends, its been a long while since I blogged. Mainly it was of 2 reasons :

  1. I had exams , supplies and other stuff to study, read and respond.
  2. I was working with MT as you know and hence the time that I spend with the system and the web mainly reduced on weekends.
The thing with Merit Trac was, we could do whenever we wanted to and hence the only days that I wanted to earn money while not spoiling my academics were the Weekends, i.e. on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday : Mostly students ( especially Engg ) dont like going to college on Saturdays. Though I will be deprived of my attendance, I am confident enough of not missing any classes and even though I miss one or two, I am sure that I will cope up by the time I attend the next class.

Sunday : Instead of Hookafying or wasting my time playing UNO cards or going out to a movie ... I, on a Sunday , can spend my time at CTS or Accenture where no one will stop me from entering the offices because I am with MT !!! Cool na .. !!!

One more thing is that, through MT I learnt a lot in regard to Team Work. No doubt I try to slack at times but I am sure that I can work hard. I also liked MT because all the people over there are pretty friendly and except a few, no one shows any kind of rough attitude towards anyone. Also at times I dint like the HRs who were working with some organizations, but had to manage and whenever I came across such kind of people, I would just think that everyone in this World has bad bosses. That is the reason why I think Anurag chose something where he was the least or not at all answerable to anyone who is in a superior position to him.

We ( Kapil , Kranthi ~ alphabetical order , no partiality ~ and myself ) can also start something which can change the lives of many people across many different lands. All of them unite on a strong point, which is the passion within themselves. A passion that will make every small thing around them something so big that, only by the feel of that passion or that particular entity, the World around them feels so big and good and then ultimately all the people in the Organisation would feel important. The making them feel important part of any organisation is very important and plays a crucial role in the upcoming of an organisation.

So now, I write about something which I always wanted to become ... a leader ... I wanted to feel important and finally through MT I am feeling a bit important. All these years, people considered me as someone who couldn't achieve anything, someone who just told things but not execute them, someone who would just say that he knew the C language but got only 54 marks in the main external which was the most fucked and the most fucking moment of the whole of my engineering life ( just wanted to say this out ... nothing specific ).

I finally became the team lead for tomorrow's Cognizant Walk-in Interviews, where I will be leading a team of 7 including me or just make it a team of 6. The people with whom we will be dealing are top coders with a min experience of abotu 2.5 years , which may go upto 11+ years of coding experience in CPP. The idea of me being a team lead is making me very happy and also the fact that I've been doing CTS since the past two weeks is making me feel good. The thought of joining MT itself was something that I liked very much and it will be something that I will never forget. The first interviews, the first test that I conducted and the first HR that I spoke to are the ones that I cherish the most.

The details about tomorrow's event will be posted here soon and please dont think that this is something that is useless ... All these are my thoughts and hence take patience or leave ( to which I dont mind )

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