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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Something Big !!!

After a long time I just felt like blogging a bit of my life and here I am .. doing just what I want to :)

All these days I knew what I wanted .. Success ... but dint know how to start off or from where to .. I now feel that I am into something big ... really big. Dont know what, but I feel that I am now-a-days am involved in something. May be the GSOC or the image of Sachin that Pavan Akula just discussed with me. Really dont know what.

After all that happened with me in Jan and Feb I really feel like doing something about my life. I never tried to do something big coz its a known fact that big things start off small just like Google, Apple and Microsoft.

I loved the quote " Good Artists copy. Great Artists Steal "

But I feel that " Real Artists are the ones who think differently "

But it all depends on the creativity that you use in implementing something that someone has missed out. There is no big logic or a confusing algorithm to be creative. Well, in my view, creativity is what you see that others fail to. Things like creativity, logic and art are not representations of great intelligence but, they are just instincts that strike when they dont for " normal " people. In a nut shell, it finally comes to your perspective of the world. Bill Gates had one, Steve Jobs had one, Larry page has one, you have one, I have something else. Everyone has a perspective of they world. In the end it all comes down to how you see the way the world, the universe works and that, my dear friends is the real art.

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