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Sunday, May 29, 2011

PHP : Wanna edit in something new :D

Hello guys, if you are following me on Facebook, the you'll know that I currently am not in Hyd. So ... where am I ??? At Vijayawada, doing a MT Event. The event is for 10 days, so .... ten days without my laptop would be like ... no air for about 10 mins ... :D

Since I have lots of work to do after I get back home ( project, web-site for the cube tourney, another project and GATE coaching along with my personal programming training )

I said programming training because :( I recently got to know that I almost forgot Java and without NetBeans am a complete waste ) ... So ... did a little research on java or php and guess what :D ... I am happy with php ... Am planning on learning a few more languages along with HTML ( properly ) and JavaScript which include Ajax, Python and PERL ( if possible ).

Now, coming to php development, I've been doing lots ( dont mistake lots for a huge project or a module, its just nothing with compared to the real developers out there. ) of coding on the gEdit Text Editor and after watching a few videos in which TextMate ( MacOS ) was used, I really loved it and decided to move to an IDE.

I had the Netbeans option and just by installing plugins, I could do with php but .... Netbeans and Eclipse became the standard and go-to applications for many languages and I wanted to try something new.

I already used Komodo which was really nice, and Geany, which was nice too. So wish me luck coz I just am trying to use the ZEND Studio and I hope it'll be great. :)

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