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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Share !!!! on and from Google Docs :)

Guys, this is not a tech article or something but this is FYI ( For your information ) and the content you are about to read is so damn basic .. dont feel bad that I wasted your time in making you do something so stupid.

So, here it is .. How to use GDocs and sharing directly from Google Docs to a particular group on Facebook.

Step 1 : Open and login ( If you dont have a google id ... hmm ... idiot, go get one :P )

Step 2 : After logging in, you will have an " upload " symbol or the upload button beside the Create button to the left side of the page.  Click that !!

Step 3 : Click the upload button and choose " Files ". Then choose the file that you want to upload from your Hard drive. (  Dont forget to click on " Start Upload " )

Step 4 : You now will come across a window where the upload has finished and there is an option for you to share. Click on " Share ".


If you dont see that, no issues, click on the title of the document that you just uploaded and the document will be opened in a New Tab. To the right hand corner you will find the share button. Click on that.

Step 5 : The default status of every document is " Private - Only the people listed below can access ". To the right hand side of that there is a " Change " option. Clicking on that will result in a pop up where the option can be changed to, " Anyone with the link ". Select that and save the document.

NOTE : Check the Allow Anyone to Edit option if required.

Step 6 : Then you will be given a link and below that you have options, of which one has a link to Facebook. Click on that and share the document with your friends on your wall or choose from the options to share the document in a specific group :) :) 

Hope you like this post :D :P ... I really dont care even if you dont like .. you can always refer to the Google Docs FAQ ~!~


trivedigvn said...

blog post after a long time hmm , nice to see u in blogger after a long time

svabhishek said...

Yea .. thanks ra ... will be regular from now on :)