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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Life is Too Short ?? Is it ?

Life is really too short to achieve anything .. so you might have heard a million times about how to enjoy it, achieve something and all that. But do you really believe life is short ? Then try solving a rubik's cube with one hand under 20sec. You'll know how hard it is to get there. Or imagine your girl / boy friend is coming to see you in a few hours, you'll know how long life can be.

Take that as an inspiration and make sure you make the best out of it. You dont need to start off thinking how to change the world overnite. Try to analyze the environment you are in. Does that need any change ? Think over the problems that YOU personally are facing everyday. Try to change the world around you and the world you live in will automatically change.

All the knowledge that you have acquired over the years, all the experience that you have gained and all the effort that you put in to learn something perfectly might become a waste after you move out of this world ... but ... when you use that knowledge and experience and combine it with your skill to create something great for the people around you to use ... then ... your knowledge .. your experience ... your skill .. will live on .. forever ...

What I am saying is a quote from Steve Jobs .. who said that " All what you'e learnt might go away after your death just like the "click" of an On/Off switch ... and that's the reason why Apple's products dint have an On/Off button !!! "

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