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Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 at a Glance

Yeah.. the much awaited post .. ( ob for me ... you cant await for something like this .... !!! )

So here it goes .. a brief description of everything that I faced in 09 .. !!

January 09 :

Jan 15th : My B'day ... !!!!
 Hm.. invited some of my college mates who in the end dint turn up .. yasaswi and kranthi came for lunch and kapil came in the evening when I was not there ( was at shilpa's house ... ) and then ended up finishing my b'day at shilpa's house .. !!! came back on 16th afternoon ...
In the end had a nice b'day :) :)

Jan 23rd to 27th : NITW - SpringSpree 09 !!! - Golden Jubilee @ NITW

Hm.. this one was again a bouncer .. !!! Hanith and I worked our a*s off and what do we get ??? NOTHING !!!!!! But from that event .. I learnt how to handle events and organize people and also how to make a report .. made my first report on something ... that just took me around 8 pages in 14pt Times New Roman font !!!!!!!
Took part in many events .. and the stay was not that good .. the hostels were coming up and ... there was no good food availible in the campus except for some coffeesssss ( :D harsha !!! ).

February :

There were the cricket matches for the upcoming sports week and we came to the second round .. ( one of the two fresher teams that came to the second round ... ). In the first round we faced IT freshers and the match came to a nail biting bowl out which we ultimately won !!! :P
In the second round ... we were defeated by the 3rd year EEE team .. but only by a close margin ..
EEE ( III / IV ) - 107 ( Target 108 )
CSE A ( I / IV ) - 98 ( in approx 12 overs - i dont remember exactly )

The end of the month !!! 23rd was the start of the second mid and even before we knew anything they were over and we were all staring at our marks :O ...

March :

March was like wow !!! ... Many exciting events at a stretch ...

The first week was the sports week which was the most awaited event at college .. but ... sadly we dint get a prize though we qualified in almost all the events for the second round ...

After that came the freshers party .. where Harsha and Ramya were the Mr. & Ms. Freshers and Pushyami and Kiran were the Ms and Mr. Rose resp !!.. Enjoyed the freshers party @ ZOUK !!!

April :

April dint have anything special except for me and Games Square ... this was the time that I was getting addicted to Games Square and started spending money .. also .. on one such monday in April.. kapil and I bunked college and went to Nagarjun Sagar !! wowwwww !!!!

May :

May 3rd was a memorable day for me and ... then came may 4th .. :D !!! May was full of records .. attendance .. ( which I fell short off ) and Lab internals .. Busy busy busy .. !!!!!!!!

June :

June was also a busy month with the first year exams ... and then holidays.. which was when I dint meet any of my friends .. the people with whom I spent time during exams disappeared all of a sudden ... !! :O

Here started 2-1 !!! nice ..

July :

July was all exciting because of 2-1 and my enthu for Shaastra and Robotics ..
July was all spent on planning ... studying and .. googling for different things that were required to start a team to build bots .. !!!

August :

Finally started building the bot 3 days before the competition and qualified for the 2nd round of RoboVeda 09 !!! .. Also gave a presentation on Robots @ SNIST !!! RoboVeda was full of fun for me ...

September :

The first internals of 2-1 !!!!!!!!!! and know what .. secured 78 % :D :D :D :D :D !!! Even before I knew .. i was out of those marks and into NITW for Technozion and then to IITM for Shaastra 09 ...
Lost my phone while coming back from Shaastra in the train !!! bad experience after all ... !!!!

October :

Its like October passed away in a flash ... leaving behind everything that I wanted .. Oct saw nothing in my life .. just passed as a month passed without acquiring any kind of knowledge about anything in life ... it just got me back to using Linux through LFY !!!!

November : 

The first half of Nov was a kool one with me waiting for Bhagi's B'day and then spending the next few days trying to study for the first and thrid exams which were PS and DLD. The next few days say 15 - 20th were spent in studying and taking decisions very quickly ( though none of them were followed later ). The marriage at Bhagi's house made our ( Harsha, Bhagi , Nag and myself ) days from the 20th to the 24th. In between we had a scene at Bhagi's house where Rohith fooled people by acting drunk.

Kranthi , helped me with a great and important issue on the 20th of November which I will never forget. ( Are you happy kranthi ?? )

December :

Whew !!! December 1st and 2nd were like hell for me with two back to back exams and then from the third it was total tension and fun. Tension because of the unconfirmed exam dates while Fun because we were staying so close to OU and then OU was in the National News due to the Telangana Issue.

While waiting for the college to open, Kapil and I met Harish a school friend of ours and then got into MeritTrac through him. He was very helpful initially and then we picked up the work that was being assigned. The first event was the one at CBIT with Cognizant who conducted the offline test on the first day and then conducted the placement round on the second. N. Ananth ( my friend at Shaastra - 08 ) got in successfully. On the second day, I was successfully given 3 panels to handle ( 5,6,7 ). We were then offered the OU CTS event on the 21st which was accomplished successfully.
On the evening of the 21st there was a requirement of 2 people who could configure systems for the TCS event, the next or the day after that. We configured 34 systems in about 40min and impressed by that, the POC ( Point of Contact ) for the Wipro Online Exam, Kiran asked us to attend the event on the 23rd. Both of us agreed at once so that we could attend the HR rounds of CTS on the 24th again.
On the evening of 23rd, just as the last batch was about to complete in my lab, there was a Telangana Rally and that led to a bandh on the 24th due to which the CTS event was cancelled.

After that, till date ( 28th ,  0638 ) I've been enjoying ... !!!

Details about the new year and other activities to be talked about later !!!


Krishna said...

dumbo....wen did u eva fall short of attendance...stop lying on ur own blog alrite

Abhishek said...

I fell short of attendance in first year dude !!! .... second year first sem .. 88% only !!! :D