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Friday, December 25, 2009

A Complete Year of Nothing !!

What has happened in one year ???

Nothing !!!

Nothing, as of such .. but everything has changed ...  the number of people around me increased .. but the number of friends that I have remain the same ... !!! Though I dont think that this is not a very good blog post ... but since I am bringing out my feelings .. this can be considered as a blog post .. what has improved in the last one year was my typing speed and my working knowledge of the system which I truely dedicated my life to ... Though I went off track with most of the coding part .. I got a great amount of knowledge from the various sites that I visit everyday ... In this one year .. I learnt how to write effective programs and how to tweak around with the kernel. Along with the use of almost all google products ... I also got to know the use of various Linux Systems and also the importance of the word "OPEN" to the Linux Community.

I met many people this year ... but not all of them are the ones who love me !!! I still have a strange feeling that the ratio of :

               ( The number of people who love me ) to ( The number of people who are with me ) is a "konstant" i.e. 0 !! Strange uh !! ...

whoami !! ??? !!!

This is actually a Unix / Linux Command .. !! but ... in this blog post I am talking about the literal meaning .. which is " Who AM I ?? "

A brother to no one ...
Not at least a friend to anyone .. !!!

When there is joy I will want everyone with me but, there are none .. !!
When there is sorrow .. I will want no one with me and as expected, there is none !!!

With me life is not a bed of roses but can me made one !!
But to whom should I tell this .. when I have none !!

I have dreams out of which I would never like to come ... but the ones that come out are not even equal to one !!
I still write this blog post because ... the persons with whom I talk are none !!!

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